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Parkinson's, Pesticides and Gardening

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BBC News article on UK legal victory over British Government on the use of pesticides. A High Court judge rules Georgina Downs, who lives near Chichester, West Sussex, had produced "solid evidence" that residents had suffered harm. Mr Justice Collins said a European order aimed at defending rural dwellers from possible exposure to toxins during crop spraying had not been followed.

New Scientist Article from 26 May 2005
"People with Parkinson's were more likely to have used pesticides regularly. Users with low exposure such as amateur gardeners were 9 per cent more likely than non-users to develop the disease, and high-exposure users such as farmers were 43 per cent more likely."

Guardian Article March 28 2008
"A study of more than 300 people with the neurological disease - which can affect movements such as walking, talking and writing - found that sufferers were more than twice as likely to report heavy exposure to pesticides over their lifetime as family members without the disease."

Risk of Parkinson's disease increases with pesticide exposure and head trauma
Exposure to pesticides and traumatic head injury may have a causative role in Parkinson's disease, according to a study published online ahead of print in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Environmental risk factors for Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism: the Geoparkinson study.
"Conclusions: The association of pesticide exposure with Parkinson's disease suggests a causative role. Repeated traumatic loss of consciousness is associated with increased risk."

Pesticides increase risk of Parkinson's disease
Kieran Breen, Director of Research at the Parkinson's Disease Society, said: "Whereas previous research has looked at large populations from potentially different environments with different genetic make-ups, this study minimises these differences by comparing with family...This means we have gone from a suggestion or indication of an association to a much clearer and specific link to a role for pesticides."

Searching for Clarity: A Primer on Medical Studies
"A great article in the Michael J Fox website about statistical and medical studies."

Toxic Triggers: Genes, Pesticides, and Parkinson's Disease Genome News Network March 12 2001
A good well-rounded article about Parkinson's causes.

Garden pesticide link to Parkinson'sThe Guardian Monday November 6 2000
Another well written article on pesticides and parkinson's. It highlights the theory that the common insecticide rotenone could be causative in the onset of parkinson's disease. It also mentions MPTP, the illegal drug that brought a rapid-onset of Parkinson's.

Combination of Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Disease