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Parkinson's, Pesticides and Gardening


We are are a campaigning site aiming to raise awareness of the risks of developing Parkinson's Disease due to long-term low-level exposure to pesticides. There have been many studies that implicate pesticide exposure to the onset of Parkinson's Disease and yet the main Parkinson's organisations fail to acknowledge this. Why not?

The site gives a very brief overview of Parkinson's Disease, information on the studies and experiments that link pesticide use to PD. We also have a page on Gardening as it is both a risk and an opportunity. We also have a comprehensive links and resources section that includes some Powerpoint presentations that are free for use and modification for anyone who wants to campaign themselves.

We believe that the weight of evidence from the many, many studies showing pesticides as a causal factor should be acknowledged by the Parkinson's community. By raising awareness people will then have the opportunity to do something to protect themselves.

Parkinson's is a horrid, progressive, fatal affliction, largely caused by pesticides. At the very least pesticides should carry warning labels. Many should be banned now and much more research is needed. For example, post mortem examinations for people who died of PD should be undertaken to see if particular pesticides are frequently found.

Please support our cause by writing to influential people (e.g. politicians) who should take action.

We welcome any commments and feedback. Please email us at